A Review about Sportdog 100 Acre SDF-100A System

Sportdog 100 Acre System SDF-100A is an example of good systems as much as dog fencing is concern. It offers an immense capacity more than other systems.

Sportdog 100 Acre System SDF-100A is considered to be an example of good systems as much as dog fencing is concern. It offers an immense capacity more than the other fencing systems in the market. It also offers remarkable function, durable collar and waterproof warning. As you get along with the capacity of 100 acre, double wires from the other systems are included with this.

SportDog 100 Acre In Ground Pet Fence System

The waterproof collar used for this system is more than just for wet weather but excellent in other weather conditions as well.  Your dog can freely go right ahead and splash around the water without worrying. However this collar is just too big for dogs with 20 lbs of weight. Ideally, this is not suited for small dogs weighing 10 lbs as confirmed by SportDog.

Things you can Anticipate from Sportdog 100 Acre System

Installation Supplies for SportDog Containment Fence

The SportDog fence doubles up the capacity of wiring of the other do it yourself dog fence kits. This is cheap and weak wire used for all the manufacturer of dog fence in order to keep a low cost. It is advisable for you to upgrade and look for a better wire.  And this is recommended especially in planning for the large installation. Many retailers do not permit the levelling up of wire for dog fence kits.

Capacity of 100 Acre

This kind of dog fence system has biggest capacity among any other kind of dog fence. It has the ability to power up until 100 acres. This becomes a selection of large rural properties in terms of dog fence system.

Level Settings for Vibration and 4 Correction Tone

The collar offered by this system is suited in almost all kinds of dogs. The correction level that it possesses is very advanced. It ramps up automatically for longer stay in the correction zone. Vibration feature is a big thing for this system. Aside from its warning tone, the collar has also warning tone. This is not only advantageous with impaired dogs but also to all kinds of dogs. It is all because of the usage of other senses while teaching them thru association. Without any static correction, the collar can also be used for tome and vibration mode.

Inclusive of Short and Long Points of Contact

The sizes of the contact point for this system are highly appreciated by the people who use this. That is why they choose to purchase this fence system for their dogs.

Flexibility for other in-ground PetSafe Ground Fence Collars

Its compatibility with other in-ground fence collars also offers the owner to enjoy its flexibility. Whatever the same of your dogs and properties, this will surely become useful. Its flexibility makes the people long to use this fence system.

Generic Battery

Collar of this system takes a generic standard for its battery use. So it will be easy for dog owners to look for battery if there is a need for replacement. But the changing of battery will be frequently experienced because of its longer life span.

Sportdog 100 Acre System is offering valuable benefits in all dog owners. This fence is rough and tough in rendering service to dogs.