D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1 Review

D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1 is your reliable, efficient and techy system for dog fence. Purchase and be amazed of its unique way of guarding your dogs.

There are several unbelievable features of D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1 that every dog owner will surely enjoy. The technology used for this system is engineered smartly to obtain the durability and functionality of this product. Beyond its high end features it has tiny receiver that can perfectly work in all the signalling system. Everything on this system is designed for comfort and safety for your puppies.

Along with the above incredible things about D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1, here below are some of its outstanding features that highlight the energy dog powered fences:

Handy Receiver Collar

Every user is assured of having a complete compact and lightweight receiver collar. This device weighs at about 1.1 oz. This also offers adjustable nylon band with its plastic buckle. It allows for the quick release. If you have a dog that is very small this is very much ideal for you. The owner can conveniently patrol with their dogs. To add, this collar does not have external button making it to be waterproof.

Low Interference via Dual-Frequency

There are some risky factors if you engaged in the electric generated dog fences. One of which is when the perimeter wires get too closely in the interference, signal might occur. If there is interference the receiver can activate the system even there is no need to do it.  It may also lead in the creation of dead spots to the fence where your dog may pass.

In solving this, the wires must have gap of about 4-10 feet with each other. To avoid you from those risk factors it is best to choose this system. Its transmitter highlights the dual frequency bandwidth. It then allows the user in operating the chosen frequency. Through this everything in the system will become resistant in the interference.

Smart Features

This system shows wonderful highlights that can really make your dog fencing very efficient. That is why this becomes the top choice for dog fencing. Given below are the signature trademarks of this system where you can never found in other dog fencing system.

Low capacity

This system can secure a fence space of about 5 acre borders. It will be an advantage for those dog owners that have smaller property.

Temp Check

It maintains a stability of a certain width field even if there are some external changes.

Protection for the external Surge

This will guarantee every dog owner of safety against the electrical surges that may cause by the main power or lightning strikes.

Wire Check

This helps in allowing the system to continuously function even though the wire is damaged.

Ultra Installation Wire

It has 18 gauge 500’s wires which is more durable compared with a typical 20 gauge. Through this, you will be ensured that your investment is highly maximized.

Battery Check

This can monitor the battery usage after every 2 hours. It contains 3 successive low battery trigger. It alerts the user in checking the status of the batteries.

The D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1 is your reliable, efficient and techy system for dog fence. Purchase this now and be amazed of its unique way of guarding your dogs.