On The Fence About A Sport Dog Fence?

When you buy a Sport Dog fence, you first should decide which Sport Dog electric fence will work best for you. Let’s learn more about each of these types.

About Electric Fences

An electric dog fence is the way to go if you do not want a physical fence to be erected, but you do need to keep your dogs in your yard. With the help of radio frequency or a Wi-Fi signal, your dog is discouraged from getting out of your chosen space. When the dog gets close to the edge, he will receive a warning in the form of an audible tone and a vibration in the collar. Should he decide to keep going, he will be corrected with a mild electrical shock. If you want a system without the wires showing, an underground fence is what you need. See the electronic dog door guys for more info.

Styles of Electrical Dog Fences

There are 3 kinds of Sport Dog electric dog fences: wireless, inground and above ground. When you buy a Sport Dog fence, you first should decide which Sport Dog electric fence will work best for you. Let’s learn more about each of these types of Sport Dog fences.

Sportdog Underground Fence

Wondering which style of fence is the most versatile and reliable? Look no further than the Sportdog inground fence. With these systems, a physical wire is buried beneath the ground. This allows the shape of the perimeter to be adjusted to the exact specifications that you wish.

A Sportdog invisible fence costs less than you might expect. It contains aluminum wiring which is of the highest quality. This closed circuit wired system communicates with a remote control. When you work with your dog, training them properly, they will learn to respect these boundaries within a week or so. check out electric dog fence for more reviews.

The Sport Dog SDF-100A is an excellent choice for those who need a system with versatility and style. You can use it with any amount of dogs that you have, with the purchase of additional collars. It offers 4 levels of adjustable correction and comes with 1,000 feet of wire and 100 flags.

Above the Ground Dog Fences

Although it is not as commonly chosen, a Sportdog electric fence works just as well as in inground fence. Just like the inground, you can design the perimeter exactly as you need. There are some differences, however. The first is obviously that you won’t have to dig in order to secure the wires. Instead, the wire is mounted to the surface of the ground with pins, fence posts and a ground rod. See dog fence planning page.

For those looking to keep pests out of their garden or shrubbery, this system works well. You also won’t need the use of a special collar for your dog. However you should know that your pet or any other animal that touches the wire will automatically be shocked without a warning also check out electricfencefordogs.info for extensive amazon reviews.

Sportdog Wireless Dog Fences

If you are looking for the type of electric fence that is the easiest to install, look no further than a Sport Dog wireless fence. As no planting or burying of wires is needed, this makes them the easiest type. They work via a wireless signal that is received by your dog’s collar. This lets the system know where your dog is located when looking at the receiver indoors. The system works by casting a circle that is anywhere from 14 feet in circumference, to 210 feet.

You should know that a wireless dog fence is not appropriate for every home. If your house is covered in aluminum or stucco, this will disrupt the signal. There can’t be any sloping on your property and you can’t have any dense, heavy trees or landscaping on your property. There needs to be 30 feet of space between you and your neighbor and 30 feet away from the road. There should not be any metal buildings or large vehicles within the containment area. See electric dog fence training.

What to Consider

Be sure to take all of these aspects into consideration in order to select the best electric fence dog for your home. See how much each one costs and how that relates to your lifestyle, property size and type. If you have several dogs, you will need to be sure and choose an electric fence that is able to contain all of them. Check out our Sport Dog reviews to see which models have the best reliability and are rated the easiest to install. Before installing a dog fence check out some dog fence reviews.