Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 Review

Upon knowing everything about Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 you will probably decide of purchasing this product. Excellence is what it can promise to you.

Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 is a type of electric dog fence to provide the right enclosure. This is specifically applicable for in-ground. It has its technological features that make it stand out with other dog fence system. This product has small collar receiver equipped with the Comfort Contacts. It is rubber-tipped with a package containing of 18 gauge wires. Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 is plainly an electric dog fence made from United States.

Things to look forward in Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200

This kind of dog fence is a non-metal. Its component makes it safe as compared with a metal contact point. That is because it may cause an irritation especially if your dogs have sensitive skin. Wearing of collar for a longer period of time will probably irritate their skin. But with the contact point of this kind of dog fence your dog will become more comfortable and less worry to develop some rashes.

Lightweight and has small receiver collar

The PCC200 receiver collar is not just lightweight but also compact. It will then result for a comfortable feeling for dogs. This is applicable for dogs with a weight of 5-8 lbs. because the collar weighs 1.1 oz. Its nylon band is flexible with quick and plastic release of the buckle.

Dual Frequency

This Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 is fully equipped with transmitter. It has dual frequency that allows every owner in choosing the frequency to be operated in the system. The perimeter frequency must be separated for interference prevention. It is vital because the interference might cause confusion to your dogs or worse leading into dead spots.

Replaceable Batteries

The manufacturer of this fence uses replaceable batteries. It is believed that rechargeable batteries show inconsistency in performance regarding lifespan of a battery. This simply means that rechargeable battery can be used for a longer period of time.

Smart Features

This kind of brand of model of dog fence is packed with technologically innovated advanced designs. So it is a guarantee that it shows great performance in dog fencing. Its temp check features monitor the correction width of the field regardless of external temperature deviation.

Anti-Linger Warning

This is designed in prevention of your dog in going out of your home.

Programmable and 5 Progressive Settings

The system of this dog fence collar features 5 choices for programming in each collar. There is nothing to worry if you have many dogs. You can still use several of the collars as you use the system. The advantage of this is it can adjust the level correction depending on the temper and size of the dog.

Installation Supplies

This system includes kit with 18 gauge wire and 500 feet. But it is best if you use 14 gauge wire coated with polyethylene. That will avoid the poor performance of dog fence.

Upon knowing everything about Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 you will probably decide of purchasing this product. Excellence and reliability is what it can promise to you. All dog owners must take the opportunity of using this system in order to contain your pets within your fence.