Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100 Review

Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100 will be the best dog fence for your needs. It has an excellent Wi-Fi technology together with features providing effectivenes.

It is a responsibility of a dog owner to protect their dogs from any form of danger. In the same way, you also need to ensure that the people around your dog are safe. With those considerations in mind, the Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100 will be the best dog fence for your needs. It has an excellent Wi-Fi technology together with the ideal features in providing maximum effectiveness of safeguarding your dog.

Things to Enjoy with Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100

This dog fence system has larger capacity as compared with the other wireless electric dog fence. It is also one of the many that you can find the market that utilizes water proof rechargeable Wi-Fi collar. This is powered not only with one but two batteries, which make it more efficient for your dog. You can find the collar located on the bigger side of its fence. Dogs with a weight of more than 20 lbs. are advisable to use this kind of electric and wireless fence. You can locate it on the base station of the collar. Presence of its back-up battery is an ideal add on specifically as the situation gives a quick swap command for your batteries.

Advantages of Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100

Its large capacity makes it different with other electric dog fences. The perimeter of this dog fence has a radius of 200 ft. This kind of capacity is nearly twice as with other wireless systems. It comes with two ways of communication system that takes place between transmitter and receiver. This system is of great importance because of its ability in informing the dog owner if their dogs are reaching beyond the boundary. It is possible thru the use of audible alarm. This is very much helpful especially during the early use of this dog fence. Base station of this system will also give you the idea of knowing the distance of your dogs from transmitter.

Disadvantages of Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100:

This system can only contain two dogs simultaneously compared with other systems. So if you have more than 3 dogs this is not the right dog fence system for you. In spite of its larger capacity, its radius can affect significantly by the walls, metal sliding and its added hindrances in sight.

Inconsistency of boundary is said to be the greatest issue of this system. It is because of its moving up into 20 feet in a minute. Random dead spot is also evident in this system. Delayed corrections of this dog fence system will make you annoyed.

The Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100 is designed for having tempting features. It can be a great choice for people who own 1-2 dogs in their home. Its large capacity will make your dog feel comfortable of having big space for running and playing. If you have larger properties with little obstructions this system will be ideal for you. However, the reliability and efficiency of the dog fences are still the best criteria that you still need to consider in purchasing a dog fence system.