Petsafe Wireless PIF-300 Review

Portability of Petsafe Wireless PIF-300 is very much enjoyed by dog owners. That is all because of its wireless and capacity in sustaining this kind of system.

Petsafe Wireless PIF-300 is a large and clunky transmitter originally used as wireless dog fence of PetSafe. It utilizes wireless fence relatively for a medium size collar. This is not that small or even enormous in comparison with the newer wireless fence of PetSafe.

Dogs with neck size of 6-8 inches are suited to have the system’s collar. If your dog weighs 8 lbs. below this is also advisable to them. Waterproof collar is what you can also expect with this dog fence system.


5 Settings for Correction Level with a Tone only Mode

This system has its own specific correction level settings and tone only mode. It can be useful if you are just training your dogs with the use of these dog fence systems. To change the collar of dog by itself is possible by simply removing the plastic cup and pressing the underneath button. It comes from medium into low until it reaches the high level.

Compatibility with the New Petsafe

Due to its compatibility, you will allow to use the collar together with the transmitter. It is because of its compatibility with the new PetSafe in the Stay and Play. This can be available thru adding the transmitter of Stay + Play with its original transmitter of the Wireless Fence. Extension of the use of your system is possible thru this. The collars are rechargeable as much as proprietary of battery is concern.

½ Acre Capacity

Most of the wireless system has a little capacity unlike with the wired one. That is because the wireless dog fence has a dog circle. And it may result for the cutting off of the corner found in your own property. But this system has a specific expandable capacity of acre that can be used for overlapping of transmitters and signals. It will result for making oblong shape rejecting a circular shape. Through this, you can cover more of your ground.

Registered Battery

The kind of battery used by this collar is registered. It means that your dog is in safe hand as it uses this collar. Indicator light is also found in the collar. This helps the dog owner in monitoring the battery if the collar’s battery is in need of replacement. However, battery used in this collar may be hard to found. You cannot easily look for a store that sells the kind of battery for this collar.

Portability of Petsafe Wireless PIF-300 is very much enjoyed by dog owners. That is all because of its wireless and little capacity in sustaining this kind of system. A dog owner with small property who cannot install a buried wire is advised to use this kind of dog fence system. Even though you are just renting, you can still enjoy this system.

Purchasing this kind of the system may be maximized thru the use of its collar, greater capacity and smaller transmitter. This Petsafe Wireless PIF-300 will be the answer for protecting your dog in any form of danger.