Why Tango Poodles Should Be Your Choice For A Wonderful And Loving New Friend

If you’ve come to Tango Poodles to learn then you are obviously a concerned future owner. We want to enlighten and tell you what makes our puppies a choice.

Everyone loves a well mannered dog and this is not something that many people realize they have control over. If you are getting a new pup for yourself or your family, you really do want to think about where that puppy is coming from. If you are thinking about a poodle then this is even more important because not all breeders of this type of dog are following the right type of guidelines to ensure happy, healthy litters.

If you’ve come to Tango Poodles to learn more then you are obviously a concerned future owner. We want to enlighten you regarding this breed and then tell you what makes our puppies such a special choice. We hope you will find that this helps you make a better decision no matter where you get your next puppy from.

A Little Bit About Poodles and Their History as a Breed

Most people think that the poodle breed came from France, but this is actually not true. Pudel is what the dogs were known as to start with and this means “to splash around” because in their native Germany, they were used for retrieving things from the water. It turns out that their curly coats helped them in swimming and dried out rather quickly without leading to problems for them. Breeders then emphasized this coat in further generations as the dogs spread across Europe, to the British Isles and then eventually to North America, Asia and the rest of the world.

The famed painter Durer actually drew poodles in the 1400′s so know that they have been around for at least 600 years in one form or another. Today there are many different sizes of this breed, as well, ranging from tiny teacup poodles right up to large standard poodles that are at least 15 inches tall at the shoulders. There are a lot of different grooming techniques used on these dogs and this is primarily personal choice. The dogs are also available in white, black, silver and apricot which is a reddish tan shade.

What Makes a Poodle Such a Wonderful Dog to Own Today?

While the coat that a poodle has is certainly a great deal of fun to pet, their appeal goes much further than this. Testing shows that these are some of the smartest dogs out there, as a breed. They are not typically aggressive, but they will bark to warn if you if danger is near or defend you if need be.

They are able to be around children and other dogs easily enough so long as they are properly trained and training a poodle is generally a very quick process. Over all these are loving and gentle dogs with a high level of intelligence that do not shed, but they do need to be groomed regularly to keep their skin and coat healthy.

Why Tango Poodles Are a Good Choice for Those Who Want a Great Dog

There are plenty of places out there that you can get a poodle from, but just because these dogs are popular enough to warrant lots of breeders looking to earn money does not mean that you should buy from those breeders. We at Tango Poodles do a lot to make sure that our dogs stay healthy. We want to raise puppies without health issues who are happy because they have been raised in a home environment and love people.

We want them to have solid confirmation, steady temperaments, and to do well in pursuits like obedience and agility. The bottom line is that we want you to have a poodle that is going to be a wonderful, loving companion for you and your family. We give you a 3 year health guarantee because we believe in the dogs we raise and if you are seeking a pet, then a spay or neuter contract will be part of the purchase of any puppy.

When You Are Ready for a Poodle of Your Own Getting a Great Pup is Crucial

We believe that if you are ready to get a good puppy, you deserve a little help. If you choose to get a Tango Poodle then you will certainly have plenty of support and have us hear ready to answer your questions. We want to make sure that you get the right dog for your home and that you know how to raise that dog so that everyone involved in its life enjoys it. We stand behind each of our pups and are here to help for life.